How To Watch Evangelion in Order [Where To Watch]

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Neon Genesis Evangelion represents the Japanese Pop cultural force. This series consists of some exclusive philosophical questions and controversial storytelling. The first series was broadcast on TV Tokyo in 1995. 15 years later Netflix got the streaming rights to these shows.

Neon Evangelion got popular in modern times also. Experts suggest Neon Genesis Evangelion watch order, which is available on the internet. But you can find very few ways on how to watch Evangelion without facing a problem. In the rest part of the article, we will try to give you an overall possible way to watch Evangelion in order.

How To Watch Evangelion In Order?

If you are new to watching Evangelion, you may get confused thinking about the right watching order because there is a trilogy. It consists of 26 TV episodes, Movies, and a Death & Rebirth. So, what should you watch first? Experts suggest the right chronological order for a better understanding. As a newcomer, you should follow this (Recommended)

How To Watch Evangelion In Order

  1.  Episodes 1-6, Original
  2.  You Are (Not) Alone (Movie)
  3.  Episodes 7-20, Original
  4.  You Can (Not) Advance (Movie)
  5.  Episodes 21-24, Original
  6.  Evangelion Death, True
  7.  Episodes 25-26, Original
  8. The End Of Evangelion (Movie)
  9.  You Can Not, Redo, Evangelion
  10.  Thrice Upon A Time

If you have enough time in your hand, I would like to suggest watching the original full series. And then you should watch Director’s Cut episodes. Only then will you get the extra details about Evangelion.

Where to Watch Evangelion

Evangelion’s story centered on a child boy named Shinji Ikari. The shows depict the attempts of Shinji and his team to protect the universe from Mechanical Monsters. This TV series has several fans from its starting days. For the rise of fans of this TV series, Netflix, then many other online streaming sites allowed it to stream it.

Ever thought about the best sites for watching Evangelion? Here are we for you to give you the best solution. We have enlisted some websites for you in this regard.

  1. JustDubs– Watch all animation English Dubbed on this channel.
  2. Anime Heroes- Anime Heroes is the first choice of anime lovers. Watch all anime in HD quality and without any ads.
  3. WatchDub– In WatchDub, you can watch all English Dubbed anime.
  4. GoGoAnime– Watch English animation.
  5. AnimeHeaven.Eu– Watch anime online without ads.
  6. 9Anime– Watch animation online with sub.
  7. KissAnime– In KissAnime, you can watch animation without download.
  8. Chia-anime– Watch all kinds of animation shows in Chia-anime.

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How To Watch Evangelion

Undoubtedly, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a masterpiece in the animation world. Nowadays, there are lots of sources on the internet to watch Evangelion.. But those sites have geo-blocking and coverage- blocking policy.

It has a simple solution. Use a secure and fastest VPN before accessing a streaming site. It gives you the accessing facility in any geo-blocking sites. Follow the steps to watch Evangelion on a free streaming site with the fastest VPN connection.

How To Watch Evangelion

Step 1: Go to the official Website of ExpressVPN, Choose a plan, Create an ID, Complete the payment procedure.

official Website ExpressVPN

Step 2: Open ExpressVPN and login with your ID.

Open ExpressVPN

Step 3: Select an American Server from the ExpressVPN servers list & Connect.

Select an American Server

Step 4: Enter 9anime’s official website, open an ID, or log in with your old account.

Enter 9anime’s official website

Step 5: Search Evangelion of 9anime’s search bar & watch.

Search Evangelion of 9anime’s

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Recommended VPN For Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that hides your IP by a virtual tunnel. VPN gives you the facility to access your desired sites by supported servers. You can manually select your server.

If you want to watch Evangelion online, you should use a paid, not A free, VPN. There are lots of paid VPN service providers, but their services are not enough for what you are looking for. To watch Evangelion, you should choose a VPN that gives you much security in the online world.

Besides, it provides you with an exclusive internet connection. Hereinbelow, we recommend you some VPN to watch Evangelion, and in this section, our aim to provide you an overall description of this VPN.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has a vast number of quality servers; for that reason, it’s in our first suggestion. ExpressVPN has 3000 plus servers from 160 VPN servers and locations from 94 countries. Use servers from any of them. ExpressVPN has its Own DNS servers that will guard your traffic. ExpressVPN is best for Class-Encryption.

express vpn

ExpressVPN’S Split tunneling encapsulates your data inside other data. That’s why it’s harder for third parties to access. It has a 256-bit encryption system also. Encryption works like a key, and it keeps your traffic safe from being hacked by third parties. By using both tunneling and encryption, ExpressVPN offers you top-of-the-line protection.

ExpressVPN has a speed test meter for measuring your downloading and browsing speed. It’s Private DNS for every server to ensure your device security. ExpressVPN’s Kill Switch mood locks your traffic immediately while your data interruption happens.

ExpressVPN offers a 35% discount on their one-year subscription fees and 30 days money-back guarantee. To get this offer use a coupon code while purchasing.

2. Nord VPN

NordVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN. It has 5541 servers from 59 countries. The most attractive thing about NordVPN is that their maximum servers are based on US location. It has an ultra-fast connection so that you will enjoy a buffering free streaming experience. NordVPN can be used in 6 different devices under one account.


With 256-bit AES military guard keys, NordVPN keeps your data secure. NASA recommends that kind of security for classified information. NordVPN covers your IP in two different ways. It will cover your web traffic with extra layer security. NordVPN blocks malware and other harmful viruses to protect your device.

NordVPN has extra encryption, which is called Onion over VPN. It creates a seamless connection between Its own VPN servers and Tor Network. NordVPN can be used in all native versions. And you can also use it in your browser with an extension.

NordVPN gives you 68% off on their two-year subscription package. You need to use a coupon code while purchasing. And within 30 days, if you change your mind, they will return your money.

3. SurfShark VPN

SurfShark is the new VPN among all those VPNs. But with some exclusive features and for its fastest connection, it goes on top choice of users. SurfShark has servers from 65 countries. The number of their servers is 3200. SurfShark has a clear interface that does not include malware ads. It has a private DNS server for every user.

surfshark vpn

SurfShark allows specific applications and websites to bypass the VPN. All servers are P2P friendly. So that you can download torrent files safely. SurfShark follows the No logs policy strictly to keep user’s information safe. Its kill switching mode saves your data from being leaked when your connection is interrupted.

In camouflage mode, your provider doesn’t know you are using a VPN. So, you are always safe. SurfShark allows you to connect to MultiHop,  which means you can connect to several servers simultaneously. SurfShark uses AES-256-GCM encryption to guard your data. IKEv2/IPSec is a built-in protocol in SurfShark to protect data leaks.

SurfShark has an 81% discount on a two-year subscription package and 30 days money-back guarantee if you use a coupon code.

Frequently Asked Question

For the popularity of Evangelion, people search for different questions about Evangelin’s order on the internet.

Should I watch Evangelion Netflix?

Netflix started broadcasting Evangelion in 2019. They maintain a chronological order during the broadcast.  Watch Evangelion on Netflix for better enjoyment.

How many Evangelion movies are there?

There are four Evangelion movies of Evangelion. Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time.

Is Evangelion on Netflix different?

Yes, It’s a little bit different from the original series. Netflix adds the voice with English dubbed.

Where can I watch Evangelion rebuilds?

You can watch Evangelion rebuilds in GOGoAnime, KissAnime, 9Anime with a secure and fast VPN.


Neon Genesis Evangelion is considered one of the influential Cartoons series in the anime world. This reputation was achieved not only for its distinguishing quality but also many untouchable factors. The creator of this animation, Hideaki Anno brilliantly depicts Shinji Ikari’s struggle with his team to save the planet from the monsters.

After 15 years later of its original series published, Evangelion takes its new turn. Watching Evangelion in order or How to watch Evangelion is not a matter of difficulty nowadays.

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