How To Watch Netflix Canada in USA [Step By Step]

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Netflix is one of the top content platforms and production companies that is available now in 190 countries. You can’t differentiate between Netflix Canada and Netflix USA except content distribution. Netflix authority distributes its content geographically. Suppose, if you are a US resident, you can’t watch the content that is fixed for Netflix Canada.

It distributes different content in different countries due to copyright issues. In that sticky situation, what will you do if you wish to watch Canadian Netflix in the USA? There is nothing but a VPN that can get you relief from this troublesome situation. Let’s see How to Watch Canadian Netflix in USA With a VPN.

Is Netflix Canada Different From Netflix USA?

Netflix Canada Different from Netflix US

As we mentioned earlier, there is not much difference between these two countries’ Netflix. US Netflix launched in 1997 where Netflix started its journey in Canada in 2010. If we notice the content distribution lists of both countries Netflix, we’ll see that US Netflix has more Movies than Canada. In contrast, you’ll find more television shows on Netflix in Canada than in the US.

How To Watch Canadian Netflix In USA

Watching Canadian Netflix in the US is not a sophisticated task at all. All you need is a Premium VPN that can bypass geo-restrictions. If you are speculating How to Get Canadian Netflix in the USA, track down the below procedures as we portrayed.

How To Watch Canadian Netflix In us

Step 1: Download a VPN

Download a VPN

First, you have to download a VPN. We recommend using ExpressVPN as it provides strong security. To download the VPN, move to its official website.

Step 2: Install the VPN

Install the VPN

Once the setup file is downloaded, run it to install and wait until the process is accomplished.

Step 3: Sign In

Sign In

After accomplishing the installation process, open the VPN app and sign in with your VPN account. If you don’t have an existing account, create a new one by pressing on the sign-up option.

Step 4: Connect to a Canadian Server

Connect to a Canadian Server

Now, from the server list, choose a Canadian as you’ll watch Netflix Canada in the USA.

Step 5: Open Netflix & Sign-In

Open Netflix & Sign-In

Now Open the Netflix app and sign in with your username & password. Search your desired content on the Netflix search bar and start watching.

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5 Recommended Vpn For Canadian Netflix In The USA

There is no difference between Canadian Netflix and Netflix USA except content distribution. If you intend to enjoy the content from the USA that is only available in Netflix Canada, you must connect to a Canadian server through a VPN. We prefer 5 tried and tested VPN that is able to unblock geo-restrictions.

1. ExpressVPN

This VPN is renowned for its strong privacy and security. It never stores user’s activities that they do online. As security encryption, the AES-256 bit has been included on this VPN that is unbreakable. It possesses 3000 plus servers allocated in 160 places.

express vpn

Apart from these. ExpressVPN holds some phenomenal features that users need most. Connection speed test is one of those that let you know how much speed you get while surfing the internet net. It ensures you are safe if your VPN connection is interrupted with its kill switch feature.

Average Speed of the VPN is above 50Mbps but it depends on locations, servers, and many more things. An individual ExpressVPN account provides the opportunity to connect 5 distinguished devices at a time. It confers users 30 days 100 percent refund policy as well.

This expensive Expressvpn is now available at a discount price. Execute the Coupon Code and save 35% off.

2. CyberGhost VPN

This VPN is contemplated as a budget-friendly VPN as you will have all the features of a VPN at a reasonable cost. It holds above 6800 servers placed in 90 countries worldwide with DNS and IP leak protection. Security Encryption of the VPN is robust as it uses AES-256 bit which is unbreakable.

CyberGhost VPN

You’ll find a number of excellent features on this VPN like Automatic Kill Switch. It indicates, your IP won’t be revealed if your VPN connection is interrupted. It provides maximum speed to the uses when they surf the internet. The average speed of the VPN is 6 Mbps but it can increase or decrease depending on locations, and servers.

CyberGhost VPN offers a one-day free trial. So, if you have a plan to purchase a subscription plan, you can check it out to know whether it provides good service or not.  With a Single CuyberGhost account, you’ll be up to shield 7 respective devices at once.

Would you like to purchase the subscription plan at a discount price of the CyberGhost VPN? Use this Promo Code and save up to 83% on a 3 years subscription plan.

3. NordVPN

If you intend to surf the web with strong security without confronting any ads or malware, use NordVPN. It consists of above 5400 servers allocated in 59 countries worldwide. Security encryption that has been used on the VPN is robust because it is  AES-256 bit encryption.


NordVPN comes up with some phenomenal features that are necessary for the users.  This VPN is able to block malware-hosting websites and unwanted ads as well. It Provides double-layer security by changing IP twice while surfing the internet. Obfuscated servers are available on the VPN too.

Average speed of  NordVPN is above 45 Mbps though it can vary from server to server or locations. With a single NordVPN account, you can protect 6 devices at once. NordVPN doesn’t offer a free trial but you can try this out because of its 30-day full money-back guarantee.

If you have a plan to purchase a  NordVPN subscription plan at a reasonable price, Apply this Coupon Code.

4. SurfShark  VPN

SurfShark offers a clean cyber ocean as you won’t confront any malware or unwanted ads. It embodies more than 3200 servers that are allocated in 65 counties. It has Private DNS on every server and all the servers of VPN  are P2P friendly, which is magnificent for anonymous torrenting.

surfshark vpn

Don’t think about your online security as encryption AES-256 bit has been included on this VPN. However, it has some unique features that are beneficial for users to surf the internet. Kill Switch, MultiHop, & camouflage mode are some significant features of the VPN.

Average speed of the VPN is above 67Mbps. Remember that, it can be increased or decreased depending on the country, servers, and weather. A single SurfShark account lets you protect boundless devices at once. It doesn’t confer a free trial but you can use it as it offers a 30 days refund policy.

If you intend to purchase a subscription plan with a discount price of the SurfShark VPN, exert this Coupon Code. You’ll get up to an 81% discount.

5. PrivateVPN

It is one of the oldest VPNs that has been providing reliable services to users. It consists of more than 100 servers located in 62 countries worldwide. Though the servers of the VPN is comparatively minimal, it provides strong privacy and security to the users.


Security of the  VPN is well built. It uses strong security encryption 2048 bit with AES-256. Consequently, you can surf the internet without concern about your privacy. Port Forward is one of the prominent features of the VPN that is significant for anonymous torrenting.

IPv6 leak protection is available there that keeps you safe if your connection is interrupted. Average speed of private VPN is above 25 Mbps though it can vary spending on servers and locations.  With a single private VPN account, you can shield 10 distinguished devices at a time.

If you would like to get  PrivateVPN at a reasonable cost, apply this coupon code and get up to a 65% discount.

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Final Thoughts

Netflix doesn’t distribute the same content worldwide due to its copyright laws. It means you can’t watch the content that is not available on your Netflix. So, if you are a US resident but want to get content from Netflix Canada is not possible. In the above, we have discussed the procedure on How to Watch Canadian Netflix in USA with a VPN. By executing the procedure, you can Access Canadian Netflix with ease.

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