How to Watch Steins Gate [Update Solutions 2021]

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Steins Gate is a popular anime series created by the White Fox, an animation studio in 2011. The story of the anime series involves time travel. It mainly focuses on the consequences and concept of time travel, which is undoubtedly brilliant. Steins Gate is not available everywhere; thus, most people are getting confused about how to watch Steins gate.

On several streaming sites, you can watch Steins Gate. In this context, we’ll demonstrate where you can watch Steins Gate and what is the procedure of watching the anime series on your device. So. Let’s have a look and grab the instruction we are going to provide below.

Where Can I Watch Steins Gate

As we said earlier, several streaming sites are available to watch the series. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best streaming sites where you can watch the series with high resolutions.

1. Netflix

Netflix is the most prominent streaming site worldwide. Now you can stream Steins Gate on this streaming site if you have a Netflix account. But the obstruction is it is available only on the UK Netflix and Netflix Japan.  If you wish to watch, you must use a VPN; otherwise, you can’t watch the series from other regions.


2. Hulu

Huli is another streaming site where you can watch Steins Gate. Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in America. If you stay outside the USA, you can watch Steins Gate without VPN. So, to watch the series from both Netflix and Hulu, VPN is mandatory.


3. Funimation

Funimation is an American entertainment company that mainly provides East Asia Anime. Steins Gate is now available on this platform. As it is available only in the USA, you can’t watch it from the outside regions. Only a VPN can help you to watch the Anime series from everywhere.


4. Chrunchyroll

Chrunchyroll is another streaming site that focuses on streaming anime. You can watch Steins Gate now on this site for free. If you use the free version, you may face some unwanted ads and the quality of video will be initialized to 480P.


How to Watch Steins Gate

In the above, we have mentioned 3 different streaming sites that are not available everywhere. So if you wish to enjoy this amazing series from outside the USA, UK, and Japan, you must use a VPN. In this section, we’ll illuminate how to watch Steins Gate with VPN.


Step 1: First of all, download a VPN. We recommend using ExpressVPN because it provides reliable service and can bypass geo-restricted content.

How to Watch Steins Gate - 1

Step 2: Now install the VPN application on your PC. It will grab a few moments to accomplish the process.

How to Watch Steins Gate - 2

Step 3: Log in to your ExpressVPN enticing by Email and Password.

How to Watch Steins Gate - 3

Step 4: Connect to a country server from where you would like to watch the series. If you intend to watch the series from Netflix, then select UK or Japan. For Hulu and Funimation, then connect to the USA servers.

How to Watch Steins Gate - 4

Step 5: Now open the Netflix app or visit its official site and then log in to your Netflix account. If you use Funimation or Hulu, then open those apps and log in with email and password.

How to Watch Steins Gate - 5

Step 6: Search “Steins Gate” on the search bar and enjoy your favorite anime series with HD resolution.

How to Watch Steins Gate - 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered some of the questions that will clarify your query about Steins Gate.

What Is the Correct Order to Watch Steins Gate?

We recommend watching Steins Gate in order to first start with 24 episodes and then watch the episode number 25 ova.

Can I Watch the Series on Amazon Prime Video?

yes , you can. Steins Gate is now available on this streaming site. So, with an affordable cost, you can watch the series.

Is Steins Gate Worth Watching?

In  a short, it is an incredible Anime. You can enjoy all the aspects of the series like music, character, paintings, connotation.


Steins Gate is undoubtedly worth watching. The story, movie plot, music almost everything will attract you. You can watch this incredible series from several sites. In the above, we have demonstrated how to watch Steins Gate. By grabbing the process as we mentioned earlier, you can watch the series with ease.

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