How to Watch Old Twitch Streams [Best Method in 2021]

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Twitch is an American live streaming site where some of the world’s best players stream your favorite games. Many players stream day time regularly. If you are a frequent viewer of the streamer but involved with a daytime job, you may miss some live streams. Some streamers store their broadcast for a certain period. Here, we’ll illuminate how to watch old twitch streams.

Twitch allows gamers to live stream, and other people interested in food or music can also have the ability to do the live stream with their activities. It provides a considerable time stream that lasts from a minute to 8 hours long. You can find out-stream by surfing several categories. If you wish to watch a certain streamer’s video, you can follow their channel and get notifications.

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Twitch

If you missed any live stream of your favorite streamer, you could watch the past broadcast by following some steps. Remember that if the streamers don’t store videos for watching next time, you’ll no longer be able to watch this. However, here we’ll show how to find old twitch streams.

Step 1: First, navigate to the Twitch official websites.

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Twitch - 1

Step 2: Find your streamer’s page on the search bar and open it.

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Twitch - 2

Step 3: After disclosing the page, you will see several options above the page. Press on the “Video” option.

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Twitch - 3

Step 4: Now tap on the “Feature” option next to the “Filter by.”

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Twitch - 4

Step 5: From the Drop-down menu, select the “Past broadcast” option and watch your missed streaming videos.

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Twitch - 5

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Your Own Twitch Channel

To watch your past Broadcast on your channel, you have to save your streaming videos first. If you save your streamed videos, your channel’s followers who missed your live streaming can also watch your videos. Here we’ll clarify how to watch past broadcasts on Twitch from your channel.

Step 1: First, go to the official site of twitch and then press on your account icon from the right side above.

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Your Own Twitch Channel - 1

Step 2: Now select the “setting” option from the below and then Press on the “Channel Or Video” option.

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Your Own Twitch Channel - 2

Step 3: Turn on the “Save past broadcasts” option.

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Your Own Twitch Channel - 3

Step 4: Now you can see your past broadcast on your channel’s Video option.

How to Watch Past Broadcasts on Your Own Twitch Channel - 4

What to do With Your Saved VODS

Storing VODS on your channel doesn’t grab your PC space because all VODS are stored in Twitch websites. The stored VODS are great for making the clip, highlighting, or Youtube.  If you have an excellent stream or noteworthy moments during gameplay, you can clip that moment and then edit and highlight them to find out easily on your channel.

You can share those clips on social media; thus, people can get an idea about your channel. Several clips can bring a vast number of people to your channel. This is infrequent but not unachievable. You can also upload those specific clips on your social media like Facebook or Twitter; it helps you gain followers on both twitch and social networks.

Remember that the clip you have selected should be a crazy, attractive, and funny moment that happens during gameplay. Save the clips permanently on your channel and make them more catchy and enchanting. As a result, people will draw attention to your channel and check out your live stream.

Final Thought

Twitch is one of the leading online live platforms where you can stream live everything you want, mostly games. If you missed any live streams from your favorite channels, there is an option to watch them later. In the above, we have illustrated how to watch old twitch streams. By following the direction, as we mentioned earlier, you can watch old twitch VODS without any hassle.

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