How To Watch Bigg Boss in USA For Free

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Bigg Boss is an Indian reality show that has been broadcasting since 2006. You’ll find very few people who don’t like this television reality show.  This shows first broadcast on Star India Network along with Viacom 18. Later, several OTT platforms like Disney +, Voot, and Hotstar added it.

As it is an Indian reality show and launched on Voot & Hotstar, you can’t watch it from the USA. As we know, Voot and Hotstar is an Indian streaming platform that is not available there. Disney+ is available but the content is geo-restricted due to copyright laws. In that situation, we’ll show How to Watch Bigg Boss in USA with a VPN. So, let’s check it out.

How To Watch Bigg Boss In Usa With VPN

It has been launched on 3 different OTT platforms but due to geo-restrictions, it is mostly impossible to watch from the USA. In that case, you need to take the help of a VPN that can bypass geo-restrictions. You’ll be up to use, ExpressVPN, SurfShark, CyberGhost, or NordVPN.  Here, we’ll discuss How to See Bigg Boss in USA with NordVPN.

How To Watch Bigg Boss In Usa

Step 1: Download VPN

Download VPN

To download NordVPN, navigate to its official site. Stay away from the third-party website to download VPN.

Step 2: Install the VPN

Install the VPN

Once the .exe file is downloaded, run the file to install, this procedure will grab a few moments to accomplish.

Step 3: Open VPN and Login With Account

Open VPN and Login With Account

Now open the downloaded VPN and confer email & password to log in. If you don’t possess an account then choose a purchase plan and create one.

Step 4: Connect to an Indian Server

Connect to an Indian Server

As you’ll watch Bigg Boss from the USA, you must connect to an Indian server.

Step 5: Open Streaming Site

Open Streaming Site

Now open a streaming site where you have a subscription plan. You can choose any of them among the three streaming sites, Disney+, Hotstar, and Voot.

Step 6: Log in With Your Account

Log in With Your Account

Enter email and password for signing in on the streaming platforms. Suppose, if you have a Hotstar account, then Open the Hotstar app, and then log in. Once you are logged in, search Bigg boss on the search bar and start watching.

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5 Recommended Vpn For Watch Bigg Boss In USA

An extensive number of VPNs are available on the internet that you can use. Remember that all of them are not able to bypass geo-restrictions. We have tested and assembled some of the VPNs that really work better than other VPNs. Below, we have conferred the 5 best VPN reviews, so let’s check them out.

Vpn For Watch Bigg Boss In Usa

1. ExpressVPN

It has 3000 plus servers with private DNS that are placed in 160 locations. The security encryption of the VPN is robust as it uses AES-256 contemplated as the military guard encryption. OpenVPN, WireGuard have also been used as internet protocols to ensure better internet performance.

express vpn

It comes up with some incredible features that you won’t get from the other VPNs. Network speed test, kill switch, No activity, or connection logs are some prominent features of the VPN. however, it confirms 24/7 satisfied customer services. With a Single ExpressVPN account, you can protect 5 respective devices at once.

  • Unblock restricted streaming sites
  • Consistent with several OS platforms
  • Split tunneling to browse foreign content
  • Private DNS on every server
  • Network kill switch option.
  • Little bit expensive

Though Express VPN is an expensive one, you can execute this Coupon Code and get a 35% discount on a 12 months plan.

2. CyberGhost VPN

You’ll get all the VPN facilities in CyberGhost. It consists of over 6500 servers that are located in 90 countries. CyberGhost not only confers an extensive network of servers but also provides the best encryption. AES encryption 256– bit has been included on this VPN that safeguards your privacy strongly.

CyberGhost VPN

To enhance the internet performance of the VPN, it uses OpenVPN, LT2P, IPsec as internet protocols. You’ll get the highest possible internet speed while surfing the internet if you connect to the VPN. It keeps you safe if your VPN connection is interrupted with its IP leak protection features.

  • Apps for Linux, Mac, Windows, & more
  • DNS & IP Leak Protections available
  • 45 days money-back-guarantee
  • Connect 7 devices at once
  • Unblock restricted sites and apps.
  • Managing account is a little bit complicated
  • Live chat doesn’t support

You can purchase CyberGhost VPN subscription plan with an 83% discount by executing this Promo Code. It offers a 45 days 100% refund policy as well.

3. NordVPN

If you intend to surf the web unknowingly and securely, use this VPN. It possesses over 5400 servers that are located in 59 countries worldwide. You will find obfuscated servers on the VPN that hides your internet traffic and ensures the maximum level of security.


Security encryption of the VPN is strongly made. AES-256 bit military-guard encryption has been enclosed on this VPN. Besides, your internet activities won’t be revealed to anyone as it follows no strict log policy. This VPN will be up to unblock geo-restrictions as well.

  • Connect to multiple devices simultaneously
  • dedicated IP to be used by a particular person
  • Ensures double protections
  • Browsers extensions available
  • Block malware and ads
  • Supports torrent on certain servers
  • Slow servers connection

Get the NordVPN services at an affordable cost. Execute this Coupon Code and enjoy up to a 68% off on a 2 years plan.

4. SurfShark VPN

SurfShark Confirms a clean and ads-free cyber ocean for the users. It has more than  3200 servers in 65 countries worldwide. Every server of the VPN holds DNS and is P2P friendly that is crucial for anonymous torrenting. To ensure the internet security of the users, it uses unbreakable AES-256 bit encryption.

surfshark vpn

You can access the blocked websites and apps by connecting to the VPN. It is consistent with almost all operating systems like Linux, Mac, Amazon Firestick, and more. With a SurfShark particular account, you can shield unlimited devices at once which is great.

  • Camouflage mode has been included
  • Connect to multiple countries at once
  • Protects if the connection is interrupted
  • Private DNS and IP leak protection available
  • Use SurfShark in restrictive regions

  • Some servers are slow
  • Sometimes take times to load

Use SurfShark VPN with a discount price that is add free. Apply this coupon code while purchasing and enjoy an 81% discounton  2 years plan. It offers a 30 days refund policy also.

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is one of the trusted VPNs that confers reliable services to the users. Though it does not have an extensive number of servers, it provides the best security encryption. It consists of over 100 servers that are placed in 62 countries. As security encryption, the 2048 bit with AES-256 has been used on the VPN.


For torrenting, a port forward option is available that lets you surf the torrent site anonymously and unknowingly. Though the number of the VPN’s servers is minimal, It can avoid geo-restrictions. Apps of the VPN are available for several platforms including Linux, Mac, Windows.

  • Allows anonymous torrenting
  • IP leak protection
  • P2P friendly servers
  • 7 days free trial
  • Connect 10 devices at once
  • Number of servers is minimal
  • Connection drops out sometimes

PrivateVPN is not much expensive, with a 65% discount, you can purchase a subscription plan. Use this Coupon Code and enjoy the discount price.

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Final Thoughts

Bigg Boss, an Indian popular reality show that is gettable on three respective streaming sites. Though this OTT platform is only available in certain countries, it is not possible to watch from the USA. Here, we have illustrated How to Watch Bigg Boss in USA with VPN. Executing the procedures as we mentioned, you can easily enjoy the series from everywhere including the USA.

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